Marriot Delta Grand Okanagan Resort

The power service is 13.6KV with three sub-stations within the complex and various padmount transformers service the remote buildings. All the fire alarm, power, and communication systems were engineered by Team TWS. All walkways are illuminated with bollards and twelve foot poles to provide security, TWS was careful to calculate illumination levels so as to not overpower the man-made waterfall and boat lagoon on the shore of Lake Okanogan. The complex is illuminated with a combination of pot lights, decorative chandeliers, decorative wall sconces and accent lighting to evoke a classy, elegant, atmosphere.

TWS Building Engineering delivered comprehensive engineering services, from design through to implementation and post project support.

  • Two hotel towers .
  • Vacation homes.
  • Condominiums.
  • A luxurious waterfront villa.
  • Conference complex
  • Meeting halls and boardrooms
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