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TWS Power Quality Engineering (TWS-PQE) has over 30 years of dedicated experience in power quality studies and engineered solutions. Our experiences and solutions portfolio include the Industrial, Commercial and Oil & Gas sectors. Our customers benefit from improved power quality which enables energy savings, increased productivity, increased system longevity, guaranteed process reliability and grid code compliance. TWS Power Quality is dedicated to help organizations improve energy efficiency through power quality, save energy, thus lowering their carbon footprint.
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Power Study Audit

It is essential to have a full disclosure power study audit completed by TWS PQE, with our sophisticated power analyzer, in order to decide on the investment which will best improve the power quality.

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Engineered Design

Be sure to consult our TWS Power Quality engineering professionals when choosing the best solution to mitigate power quality issues and calculate savings for the payback period, return on investment.

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TWS Engineering will be with you during each and every step of commissioning your power quality solution. We will provide a before and after case study report and fine tune the filter for optimal performance.

TWS-PQE Projects

We offer power quality analysis, with application specific engineered solutions to mitigate poor power quality, reduce electricity cost, extend system equipment run life, increase reliable productivity, add capacity to the electrical network and reduce electricity generated carbon emissions. We will be there with you every step of the way from analysis to commissioning the solution. Providing before and after power quality report showing the improvements. Poor power quality is a growing concern and often unseen. It generates higher electricity bills, leads to higher running costs, causes equipment to malfunction and drains our planet’s precious resources. There can be many causes for poor power quality; low power factor, harmonic distortion, load imbalance, or fast voltage variations. Each with potentially serious consequences; reduction of network capacity, reduced equipment run life and down-time, difficulties connecting renewable's to the grid.

Across Canada, electric utility providers require the user to be in compliance with the Utility Power Quality specifications. Being in compliance can reduce your operating cost.

We provide Utility compliance through Harmonic Current mitigation, increasing Power Factor, balancing load current, thus saving operating cost and increasing capacity.

Many non-linear loads, VFD's, LED and HID lighting, cause harmonic current and low power factor. Power Quality solutions can reduce operating cost and extended system run life.

Harmonic mitigation, power factor correction, current balancing and voltage regulation are all part of our solutions which increase the profitability of Industrial applications.

We engineered PQE solutions for Cannabis facilities requiring 3MVA - 15 MVA services, to decrease monthly power bills and extend system run life.

When investing in Renewable energy, you should review power quality to reduce load capacity and make it easier to synchronize Solar, Wind or Cogen onto the grid.

Data centers benefit with reduced operating cost with increased run life. Harmonic mitigation, power factor correction, current balancing and voltage regulation are required.

Generator applications benefit from reduced fuel consumption, reduced internal generator heating, increased kW capacity to name plate kW and extend system run life.

By reducing wasted energy, we are reducing kW load which will be seen as a reduction of electrical carbon emissions CO2e through power generation.

Power Quality Services include:

- Power Quality Survey Audit with full disclosure report
- Engineered Power Quality Solutions
- Commissioning assistance of the power quality solution
- Final Case study report with before and after comparisons

We make Power Quality easier for you.

Power Quality Survey with full disclosure report.

Engineered Power Quality Solutions.

Commissioning assistance of the power quality solution.

Final Case study report with before and after comparisons.

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